75mm Thermal Insulation Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

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Application Scope
Exterior Wall Decoration; Interior Wall Decoration
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in Bulk or in Wooden Case According to Customer′s
1220x2440mm or according to customer′s requirement
Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China.
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  1. Product Introduction

ALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel adopts thehigh-quality coatedaluminum sheet;color coated steel sheetor other precisionpressure metalsheet as surface material. After the metal sheet is rolled and shaped, high pressure foaminginject retardantpolyurethane(PU)orturn over the stripped rock/glass woolat 90°(to make the fiberperpendicular to theupper and lower metalsheet) and adherent strongly to the metal sheet. the beautiful, smooth and tough ALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel is compounded by the precise overlength and double track production line with special high density rigidpolyurethane foamfillingtechnology.Size:Standard width 600mm,900mmStandard length 1200mm,1800mm,2440mm,3600mm,4920mm,7360mmStandard thickness 42mm,50mm,75mm2. Product CharacteristicsThermal insulation, energy savingALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel series thermal insulation sandwich panel has excellent thermal insulation property with lower heat transmission coefficient. After testing, thermal insulation effect is above 150%, compared with the traditional thermal insulation panel. It can reduce the buildingheatingand air conditioner energy consumption, which can meet therequirements ofenergy saving 65%or higher.Easy installation and saving costEasy installation won't be influent by weather and environmental limit, suitable all the year. It greatly shorted the construction period and reducing building cost, also reducing the comprehensive cost.Excellent Fireproof propertyALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel series thermal insulation sandwich panel's FR property meet the request of the national FR standard for different using purposes;fully meet therequirements ofbuildingfireproof regulation.Light weight and high strength, Earthquake resistance and anti-crackALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel series thermal insulation sandwich panel is light,high strength,good impact resistance. With good insulation and decoration effect, it not only reduces the load of buildingstructurel, but also decrease the earthquakeeffects to buildings. Weather resistance and durabilityDue to using PVDF coating with more than 70% KNYNAR500 resin, ALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel sandwich panel has excellent anti-UV, Acid resistance, Alkaline resistance properties which can withstand the outdoor hard environment. Sound insulation and noise reduction, Quiet and comfortableThe core structure of ALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel series thermal insulation sandwich panel is independent closed bubble structure with goodsound insulation effect. It is applicable to apartments,hospitals,schools and other buildingsnearby thenoise areaand effectively reduceoutdoor noiseinto the room to keep the roomquiet and comfortable environment.Good air tightness and water & moisture proofThe sandwich panel is installed outside of the main struction of building, insertinggroove typeinstallation, which can minimize the damage to main struction of building caused byrain,snow,freezing,thawing,dry and wet cycleand reversed cyclic action of thermalexpansionandcontraction. Eliminating therisk of wallcrack and water penetration,effectively avoid theindoor wallmoldyphenomenon and to extend the building service life.3.Application ScopeBuilding exterior wall thermal insulation technology started relatively late in China, there is a big deviation of execution industry standard for exterior wall thermal insulation system because of the different climatic conditions and economic conditions in different areas.Public and civil building external wall thermal insulation use organic polystyrene EPS, XPS extruded panel and powder polystyrene particles insulation pulp and other traditional forms of environmental protection, face challenges on fire prevention, weather resistance, wall cracking, wind pressure resistance and other field.ALUTILE® series thermal insulation sandwich panel series thermal insulation sandwich panel system using sandwich board wall thermal insulation technology to a high level of building palisade structure heat preservation and heat insulation, at the same time, take fire prevention, weather resistance, waterproof and decorative functions in an organic whole. It has become a key technology and developing direction of building energy efficiency in China, which is suitable for new public, civil buildings, and old building reconstruction.Mainly used in public buildings and commercial buildings, such as office buildings, commercial centers, stadiums, airports, exhibition hall etc. lower and high building;Application in the real estate industry is growing so quickly, it is the first choice of old building curtain wall reconstruction and civil building thermal insulation wall; In almost all climate belt can be used, it is suggested that make the proper design according to the specific conditions to ensure the good heat preservation performance.

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